We tailor our waxing to suit each individual client, because, after all, hair growth differs from person to person. 

We evaluate the area you need waxed and the growth of the hair. After your consultation we will use either Hot Wax: Lycon's SoYummy Chocolate & Hazelnut Hot Wax or So Berry Delicious Hot Wax. Or, we may chose to use Lycojet wax or strip wax depending on the area and the growth of the hair.

We've sourced Lycon Wax because of its natural ingredients and essential oils. These ingredients are designed to promote skin hydration and deliver superior smooth results causing less pain and ingrown hairs. 

The pre waxing routine involves applying an oil directly on the skin first, this too aids in reducing the pain you may have experienced with other techniques and products.  

Lycon removes stubborn hair as short as 1mm and all the hair is removed with no breakages because it grips and shrink-wraps short hair. The whole experience is much less painful and your skin is left feeling smooth, silky and healthy.

It's easy to see why Lycon is a favourite among celebrities worldwide including Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller.


Wax suitable for all areas of the body

Bikini lines & underarms

Many salons use strip wax for these area's, however we prefer the results and the painless waxing that Lycon Hot Waxes offer on these sensitive areas.

Hot waxing on these areas leaves a clean, neat and sticky free finish.

Eyebrows, lips & face

Any Lycon hot wax can be used on the facial area. The wax contains soothing aromatherapy ingredients and remove hair as short as 1mm.  Hot waxing on delicate facial skin will leave you less red than strip wax which sticks to the skin.

Eyebrows and lips have a variety of different hair growth types that's why Lycojet waxes are ideal to use on the short, fluffy facial hair, as well as the stubborn, difficult to remove hair in these areas.

Backs, chests & neck

Generally for large area's of fine to medium hair we would use strip wax however sometimes, during chest waxing, clients often perspire preventing strip wax from gripping the hair well. In these situations, we switch to hot wax or Lycojet wax.

Arms & legs

Any Lycon strip wax can also be used on small or large areas. If you have super-sensitive skin, we use a strip wax with Titanium Dioxide or Micro Mica for extra gentle waxing.

For our clients that have recently shaved, we use Lycojet to remove the short, coarse re-growth. This will also remove hair from difficult areas such as the knees.




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