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We have extensive selection of speciality Pevonia treatments from sophisticated high performance, repairing lift-off masks, to hydrating essential mask treatments.  All skin conditions can be successfully treated from ageing to acne to rosacea and eczema….

For the body, to keep your skin looking it’s absolute best and of peak radiance, choose from Pevonia’s spa body envelopments. These wondrous body wraps make you feel nurtured and pampered, offering complete body wellness. Indulge yourself in a choice of repairing, revitalising, de-stressing, slimming, mineralising and soothing Body Treatments to unwrap smooth, radiant, beautiful skin.

Our highly trained, certified skincare specialists provide an in-depth skin analysis, followed by the ideal recommendations best suited for your specific needs. Holistic aspects are also incorporated to ensure you feel relaxed, nourished and refreshed both throughout and after your visit.

We will recommend one of the following facials:  

Plantomer Hydrating Facial - £70 - Sensitive Skin

Visibly enhance your skin’s texture and maximise hydration. This refreshing, soft lift-off mask combines the hydrating benefits of Seaweed the ocean’s finest resource with revitalising Propolis a natural healing and desensitising substance rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A. Soothing, nourishing and calming, it renders the skin undeniably radiant with highly visible results. Good for all skin types. Excellent for Sensitive, Eczema and Psoriasis prone skin types. 

Aromatherapy Facial - £60 - All Skin Types

A relaxing Facial that treats the skin with a holistic approach, via unique massage techniques for the face, neck and décolletage. Choose from the following massage techniques: Lymph Aroma massage to aid circulation and elimination of lymph fluid or Aroma Pressure point massage to relieve headaches and sinus congestion. 

Luminous C & Sea Facial - £75 - Anti-Ageing

A potent blend of stabilised Vitamin ‘C’ combines with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze-dried Seaweed and Squalane Oil. Ideal for reducing fine lines, strengthening elasticity and providing relief for dull, sun-damaged skin. This refreshing, soft lift-off mask will restore a youthful appearance as the complexion is renewed, firmed and left extremely smooth, rendering the skin nothing but luminous. Recommended to delay the signs of ageing and to lighten and brighten a dull, sallow skin. 

Lumafirm Lift & Glow - £95 - Pre Party - Lightening - Anti Ageing

Seeking a treatment with amazing instant results? Redefining radiance and facial contouring, this exclusively formulated treatment features the latest in freeze dried technology to deliver instant results and cumulative skin care benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of ageing or as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best. Performance driven, this facial features the best anti-ageing ingredients, rendering the skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthful defined appearance. Please note that although this facial can be performed on a pregnant client, a patch test is recommended as the richness of the ingredients may be too much depending on the skin’s tolerance. 

Anti Free Radical - £75 - Dry - All Skin Types

Repair your skin while deeply nourishing and replenishing the complexion from the harsh effects of free-radical damage. This effective clay thermal mask first warms encouraging the absorption of vitamins into your skin, then cools to seal the rejuvenating benefits. Micro-emulsified Vitamins A and E maximise your skin’s protection against free-radicals and premature ageing. Your complexion feels velvety-smooth and deeply hydrated with improved texture and refined pores. Excellent for Dry, Dehydrated skins. 

Elasto-Firm Facial - £70 - All - Anti Ageing

A firming facial rich in Elastin, the second most important protein to the skin after Collagen. Elastin forms the support network to the skin, rebuilding its strength and ability to spring-back, leaving the surface intensely firmed and tightened. The complexion is hydrated, radiant and youthful. A perfect enhancement to an anti-ageing regime and the ultimate answer to supple skin. 

RS2 Facial - £75 - Sensitive

This treatment is proven capable of delivering the exceptional results desired by those suffering from severe sensitivity, broken capillaries, Rosacea and Acne Rosacea. This alleviating thermal clay mask provides soothing relief and visible results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritability. Comforting and healing ingredients such as: Rose, Green Tea, Chamomile and Liquorice, combine to properly decongest and calm your skin for an even, healthy appearance. Ideal for Vascular skin conditions. 

Myoxy Caviar Facial - £130 - Anti Ageing

This anti-ageing treatment replenishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox™. This luxurious clay thermal mask will improve elasticity, increase oxygenation of cells and the suppleness of the skin. Counteract the imprint of time and reflect a youthful complexion as it dramatically reduces facial expression lines and wrinkles. Myoxy-Caviar – the ultimate in anti-ageing. Ideal for those who would like to minimise the signs of ageing. Not suitable for Sensitive, Oily skin types. 

Escutox Facial - £95 - Anti Ageing

Upgrade your facial with Escutox®, Pevonia’s exclusive formulation of hibiscus extract has been freeze-dried to preserve the active ingredients to deliver outstanding results. Designed to stimulate the nerve endings Escutox® will repair the skin, relax wrinkles, increase hydration and skin’s suppleness resulting in a visibly youthful skin. Recommended for mature skin types. 

Oxy Vital Facial £70 - Sensitive

Rich in Aloe Vera, natures answer to soothing traumatised skin combined with Azulene a derivative of Chamomile to act as an anti-inflammatory. This mask desensitises, hydrates and heals the skin post-operative and post-sunburn. Good for sensitive, super-sensitive skin, as well as self-inflicted irritation.

Spa Teen Facial - £55 - Teens

Close your eyes and envision clear skin as dynamic exfoliators gently polish away dirt and bacteria. Next, a powerful enzyme peel removes even the most stubborn clogging, blackheads, and dead skin cells. Experience deep cleansing like never before as your therapist rids your skin of every impurity. As a final touch, a highly antiseptic mask delivers healing and soothing benefits to your skin. The end result…acne control and prevention for a clear, brighter complexion. Recommended for blemished skin and blemished-prone skin types.

Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Freeze-Dried Face Treatment - £160 - Anti Ageing

This ground-breaking freeze-dried treatment redefines the anti-ageing facial. Infused with the first ever blend of Argan and Comfrey Stem Cells and supercharged de-agers like Collagen, Retinol, Elastin and other key actives, it starts working from the first application. Visibly reducing lines and wrinkle depth, it delivers a smoother skin surface with improved firmness, and long-term protection of the skin’s naturally repairing stem cells.

Spa Clinica Micro Retinol Peel - £85 - Anti Ageing

A dynamically anti-ageing facial treatment featuring a unique formula to reveal an evenly toned, porcelain-smooth complexion. This high performance treatment combines a deep cleansing, potent yet gentle peel, and Micro-Retinol treatment to recapture smoother, denser and younger-looking skin - instantly. Suitable for all skin types except Sensitive and Acne.

Lacto Flora Peel - £65 - All Skin Types - Pigmented Skin

This innovative facial peel uses Lactic Acid which gently exfoliates and hydrates as it processes strong moisturising properties, this teamed with Pyruvic Flower Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Green Tea. This is suitable for most skin types, in particular uneven texture, thickened epidermis and hyper pigmentation. It will also control Acne as it reduces sebum production and pore clogging. Suitable for all skin types. Must avoid if you are lactose/dairy intolerant. 

Reviver Mini Facial - £40 - All Skin Types 

This mini facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged. A pore-refining mask is then applied, followed by a veil of light moisturizer. Mask options: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Combination, Acne.

Prescriptive - £60 - All Skin Types

A Prescriptive Facial tailored to treat problematic skin conditions. Breakouts will be controlled using anti-bacterial ingredients. The skin’s surface will be refined to reduce scarring. Contains Salicylic Acid which is an approved ingredient to treat acne. A corrective treatment to benefit problematic skin which is suitable for all ages. Recommended in a course of treatments along with the Ultimate Deep Cleanse and Floracide Exfoliating Treatment.

Deep Cleaning Facial - £65 - All Skin Types

A thorough, irreplaceable Deep Cleansing Treatment that will eliminate blackheads and congestion, leaving the skin feeling ‘squeaky clean’! Ideal for an Oily/Congested skin type. Recommended in a course of treatments to achieve maximum results.




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