FAQ's about Semi-Permanent Make-Up 


What is Semi Permanent Make-Up?

Semi-Permanent cosmetics are a type of cosmetic tattooing. The most common treatments are for eyes and brows. The effects can range from a natural enhancement to subtly improve the facial features to the imitation of make-up. This revolutionary method deposits hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. All our treatments are performed with Nouveau Contour equipment and the latest in colour pigments to ensure a great colour retention and even results. 


What’s involved?

An initial consultation will be used to discuss your requirements and help you decide on the result that will best suit you. Everything from your lifestyle, image, hair, skin tone and facial features will be taken into consideration. Sharon will then use her artistic expertise to create your perfect design at this stage by creating your perfect brow by calculating the right proportions to frame your face and custom blend the right colour for you. A two hour appointment is made for the treatment, which allows plenty of time for creating the perfect shape for the client. This is then followed up 5-6 weeks after the treatment to discuss pigment retention and see if the client would like any further shape and colour added to their brows and eyeliner.


Why consider Semi Permanent Make-Up?

Many of us have a hectic working life and we struggle to find time to apply makeup every day. We pluck our eyebrows and have to painstakingly pencil them in, it’s a hassle we could do without. The same can be said for our daily attempts to perfect our eyeliner. 

Semi permanent make-up can be applied extremely naturally so it doesn’t look like you are wearing make-up at all; it just defines your natural features.

Eyes stand out by darkening the lash line. Sharon specialised in ultra-realistic hair strokes for brows and the eyebrow hair is not removed; the lines are finely drawn through the existing hair to enhance and add shape as needed. The healed result looks natural due to the treatment being tailored to whatever look, colour tone and strength suits you best. 


Semi-Permanent Make-Up is for you if:

  • You want to enhance your eyes and give shape to your face
  • You have over-plucked your eyebrows
  • You don’t want the daily hassle of applying conventional make-up
  • You have difficulty putting your makeup on because of poor vision, loss of grip or unsteady hands
  • You have sensitive skin or an allergy that prevents you from wearing makeup
  • You’re a sportswoman who wants to look good without worrying about sweating off your makeup
  • You’ve lost your brows and lashes through alopecia or chemotherapy



The initial results are quite dark but once the skin knits over the top, usually after a week, the colour fades by 50%.  Once the skin desquamates the colour bounces back leaving the final healed result after approximately six weeks.

After the procedure clients are given a soothing healing balm to put on twice a day for the next week. This allows the skin to heal without drying the area out and water must be avoided for 72 hours.

After a week the area may itch mildly, like a scab of a cut would as it heals.  Care must be taken not to scratch whilst this is happening but to allow the healing.

After 5-6 weeks a follow up appointment is made to see how the pigment has been retained and if any touch ups are needed. Most of the time people don’t need anything done but the odd few love it so much they want bigger and more defined brows!

We recommend that you leave 4-6 weeks between your final touch up and exposure to strong sun as it can impact the success of the result while the skin is in the healing phase. 


How long will it last?

This varied from person to person because of skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factor which contribute to how long the pigments will be retained within the skin. Semi permanent make-up last between 2 -7 years, it gradually fades over this time so a touch up every couple of years is recommended to keep them looking fresh and boost the colour pigments within the skin. 


Call 01534 789000 to make an appointment. You can view our full portfolio in the salon and some more recent images within this site.  

A consultation and test patch is required prior to the procedure. This is charged at £40.00 which is redeemable against the treatment.


Please see our image gallery for some examples. 

Semi-Permanent Make-Up